Vodafone Huawei K3772 3G modem support for TP-Link routers

TP-Link TL-MR3020 and Vodafone K3772 3G modemI recently purchased a Vodafone 3G USB modem and TP-Link TL-MR3020 3G router. After unboxing the modem I found that it was a Huawei K3772 which is unfortunately not compatible with TP-Link routers. After much searching around I contacted TP-Link support just for a laugh. Much to my surprise they responded within a few hours! Although most of the advice was just general troubleshooting, they provided a link to toolkit for Windows for producing a so-called ‘bin file’ for loading onto the router.

Following their somewhat quirky procedure worked and I now have a bin file that can be used to get these modems working. I submitted this back to the very helpful support crew at TP-Link and they appear to have handed it on to their engineers. Just how long it will take to appear on their website though is anyone’s guess.

If you would like to make your K3772 modem work with a TP-Link router using the simplest means possible, just grab the following file, unpack it and upload it to the router under the 3G modem settings page:

K3772 bin file

In the 3G/4G page (under Network), click Modem Settings:

TP-Link 3G modem settings page

If there are already any files loaded, delete them and restart the router before continuing. Click Add New… to upload the bin file you downloaded above.

TP-Link 3G modem bin file

Once the file is uploaded, restart the router and insert the 3G modem. You can check that it is working in the Status page. The LED on the modem should also illuminate in steady light blue colour.

TP-Link 3G status

If you would like a copy of the USB sniffer tool and the various scripts provided, it is available from TP-Link’s FTP server at ftp://ftp.tp-link.com/Temp/3G/TP-LINK_3G_USBSniffer_Guide_105.zip. Login is tplink and the password is wr641g@. I’m not sure how long that will last so I’ve also placed a mirror on Dropbox.

For those not in the know, the reason for all the mucking about is because many of these modems present themselves as virtual CD-ROM drives when connected so that they can automatically install drivers. Once the driver is installed it sends a command to the modem to switch it into modem mode.

Usb_modeswitch is a popular Linux tool created for this exact purpose, and unpacking the MR3020 firmware image with firmware_mod_kit reveals that it uses this very tool to set up modems that are connected. The bin file above simply seems to be some obfuscated instructions for usb_modeswtich.

Update: I’ve moved the modem file to a new storage provider as Dropbox kept blocking my public links due to excessive traffic.

Another update: If you are a little more technically inclined then I’d recommend installing OpenWRT instead (if your model is supported) and setting up the 3G modem as per the 3G instructions on the OpenWRT wiki. I can confirm that this works well for the K3772. Also, if you are thinking of buying a TL-MR3020 specifically for installing OpenWRT then don’t. Get the D-Link DIR-505 instead – it is based on the same platform (Atheros AR9330) but features double the flash and memory capacity (8MB and 64MB respectively) and the power supply is built-in.

34 thoughts on “Vodafone Huawei K3772 3G modem support for TP-Link routers

  1. G M S 8 February 2013 / 03:12


    It is not working for me even after uploading the modem settings (it just shows the model number) but no network identification happens.

    please let me know how to configure.

    • nzlamb 8 February 2013 / 07:13

      Make sure you restart the router after dding the file. It takes a few moments for the modem to come online after it is plugged in too; give it 30 seconds or so.

  2. Ravee 10 February 2013 / 14:55

    Hi i’m suck up at a similar problem..where my tablet jelly bean cant detect the modem..any ideas..?

  3. Ben 19 February 2013 / 20:31

    Thanks man it worked after restarting it and later turning it off for some hours.

  4. Ben 19 February 2013 / 20:33

    However my signal strenght is always 41%. How do i boost that.

  5. vaggelis 2 March 2013 / 05:58

    How much time did you spend till you generate your bin file?

  6. Panos 8 March 2013 / 20:50

    Does this version supports v2 firmware of tplink 3420? is there any tool to make a new bin file to work for the new version


  7. Bruce 9 April 2013 / 00:36

    Hi there, I am trying to make this work. But unfortunately it doesn’t. Maybe it has something to do with the country ?

  8. stefanos SA 17 April 2013 / 19:00

    Same problem with me too..cant access the toolkit for making bin files..generally i cant find the .bin file for k3772..can you upload it again in the dropbox please?

  9. Nick 18 April 2013 / 12:47

    The links are dead. Any mirror for the .bin file?? Thank you

  10. hugoenay 22 April 2013 / 19:39

    Hi Anyway to get hold of this bin file for the K 3772 as both teh dropbox accounts above are not allowing me to download…thanks

  11. Faim 4 May 2013 / 14:13

    Thank you, also works with the TP-Link TL-MR3420

  12. Jacques 20 June 2013 / 19:32

    Can’t seem to download the BIN file. Any possibility of reposting or using another storage place

  13. fobos2 28 June 2013 / 11:41

    My TL-MR3020 also worked with your .bin file, thanks a lot! In my case however, I first had to:

    1. Update the router with the latest firmware (at the time of writting this, TL-MR3020_V1_130326, from the TP-Link support page)
    2. load setup defaults
    3. restart the router by unpluging and pluging it back
    4a. Load your bin file in modem settings and save
    4b. repeat step 3
    4c. connect the stick on a usb port of my PC, install drivers and use the accompanying software of my 3G service provider to deactivate the SIMcard’s PIN
    5. Connect the stick to the router and let it sit for a couple of minutes, until identified

    One pequliarity worth noting is that I had to use Internet Explorer to upload your bin file, as well as for the initial update of the router. Firefox would seemingly upload the files, but the modem settings file did not seem to help the router identify the stick. I restored factory defaults and repeated the process with both IE and Firefox and the result was the same: success with IE, failure with Firefox. Perhaps it’s just my setup.

    Another thing is that, to achieve actual 3G connectivity for Vodafone here in Greece, I had to manually enter the following advanced settings:
    Dial Number: *99#
    APN: internet
    Username: user
    Password: pass

    Thanks again!


  14. sandy 30 June 2013 / 04:54

    hey bro, i tried downloading the bin file through your link, but i am not able to download 😦

    Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    i am getting this error

    please help me too in this…
    and thanx a lot in advance please please please

  15. Fabian 24 September 2013 / 20:16


    the download is not working for me too. Can anyone upload it once again.


  16. ammi 5 October 2013 / 05:35

    I have the TL-MR3420. I had no success with the bin file at first but then I downloaded and installed the latest firmware upgrade (http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/download/?model=TL%2DMR3420) and then tried again with the bin file. It took about 8 minutes to identify my network (Vodafone GH) but then it worked. It took a few reboots and resets on the router but it finally worked.

  17. Miroslav Koutny 29 October 2013 / 21:04


    For me worked as well, also on device TL-MR3220

    Thank you !!!

  18. R 29 December 2013 / 06:05

    Thank you it works also on TP-LINK MR3040

  19. Zsolt Gazsik 3 January 2014 / 03:02

    I tried to use K3772 with TL-MR3420, but cant identify the modem.
    Somebody have any idea?

  20. xacobe 5 April 2014 / 06:50

    Hi ammi,
    Have you got v1 or V2 HW version of TL-MR3420?
    I have V2 and trying to follow your steps but always said “3G/4G USB Modem: Identifying…”
    I updated firmware. reset.
    I uploaded K3772 bin file. reset.
    But is the same.
    Can you give more details?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. xacobe 5 April 2014 / 07:06

    Done. it’s working. takes a loong time to identify…
    Thanks ammi

    • nzlamb 5 April 2014 / 15:21

      Yes it does unfortunately, but once it’s going it seems to be pretty reliable. That said I’ve since switched to OpenWRT and it’s even better again.

  22. achronak 6 April 2014 / 05:08

    Hi ammi and xacobe,
    I have MR3420 but with no luck. I followed all the steps. I have v.2.2.
    Any ideas??

  23. xacobe 6 April 2014 / 22:32

    Hi nzlamb, try this,
    1.- Hard reset (30 sec pressing WPA/reset button on back side of router)
    2.- load newest firmware in (dowloaded from http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/download/?model=TL%2DMR3420).
    3.- when is finished reset (not hard, just unplug and plug again AC adapter)
    4.- load K3772 bin file (link download is on this post)
    5.- when is finished reset (not hard, just unplug and plug again AC adapter)
    6.- when router is booted again insert K3772 usb stick and wait (takes long time) remember to refresh webpage to see the status every 5 min or clicking in “status” and again click in ” 4G/3G”.
    if not success soft reset( unplug and plug AC adapter) again and repeat step 6.

    It works for me.

    @nzlamb, I need right now in my job but I have Open WRT in my home router. I will try it on this router later. wich version are you using? latest one is ok?


    • xacobe 6 April 2014 / 22:33

      Sorry, explanation steps was for @achronak…

    • nzlamb 6 April 2014 / 22:38

      Thanks Xacobe. The TL-MR3020 runs OpenWRT quite well but it doesn’t have enough flash space to install both LuCI and 3G modem support. I ended up selling mine and replacing it with a D-Link DIR-505 running a recent trunk build of OpenWRT and it works better than the TL-MR3020 ever did. The only drawback is that you need to edit a few lines of config to get 3G going – you can’t entirely do it via LuCI yet.

      • xacobe 6 April 2014 / 22:44

        HI nzlamb,
        I’m using MR3420. I will try WRT later (when I receive final Fiber connection in the office).
        I will comment my experience here.

  24. achronak 6 April 2014 / 22:57

    OK! MR3420 works perfect with the bin file! You have to be patient and wait 10-15 minutes.
    Thanks ammi!

  25. kwabesei 10 April 2014 / 21:16

    Hi I just bought a tp link mr3420 3g wireless router and i have uploaded the bin file posted but it keeps telling identifying since yesterday any help on this? Thanks

  26. NigelTwo 27 June 2015 / 21:47

    Thank you for making and posting this file. I deployed it and it worked first time.

  27. Naz6794 23 July 2019 / 21:15

    Hi! Do you remember the name of the toolkit for windows to produce the “bin file”? I really need those. I tried to search around google but can’t find any trusted website. Most of the software contain viruses.

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