Webduino is a handy web server library for the Arduino. Much easier than writing one from scratch!

Multiplexing 7 segment LED displays with Arduino

Here’s an example on multiplexing three seven-segment LED displays from an Arduino using a single 4511 IC and a handful of transistors. This builds on my last post about interfacing to a single display

Multiplexed displays in action

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Simple Arduino 7 segment display example

It appears that there are many different ways to interface a seven segment LED display to the Arduino; the humble 4511, 74HC595 shift register and a multitude of fancy (and expensive) serial ICs such as the MAX7219.

I decided to use a 4511 driver IC for this purpose as it was the only suitable chip I had lying around. It saves a few pins over driving the display directly from the Arduino and also works from a wider voltage range so can be used for driving large display modules.

LED display in action

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