Brother HL-2150N in Ubuntu Karmic

Normally I try to stick with HP printers when using them in Linux as they seem to have the best support thanks to HP’s efforts with HPLIP.

I recently went against my own advice and purchased a Brother HL-2150N monochrome network laser printer. Brother have at least tried to provide drivers for Linux and even supply Deb packages. Unfortunately installation is a mess involving ugly binary wrappers and packages that don’t appear to conform to Debian policies very well.

Whilst there is no official support for this printer model in Ubuntu 9.10, it can be set up to work via Ethernet fairly easily.

Open the printing administration utility and create a new printer.

Hopefully the printer will be discovered automagically thanks to mDNS. You may need to expand the Network Printer section.

The printer will likely show up twice. Select the LPD version, not IPP. Change the Host field to the hostname or IP address of the printer.

When prompted for a driver, use the Brother HL-2170W Foomatic/pxlmono option.

That’s it!

One thought on “Brother HL-2150N in Ubuntu Karmic

  1. Damir 13 December 2010 / 02:58

    I don’t see the Brother HL-2170W Foomatic/pxlmono, just the other ones (pcl etc..)

    Do you have to download the driver from somewhere?

    if I choose another pxlmono driver then the quality is GOOD but printing is SLOW (big pause between pages)
    if I choose pcl5e, then print quality is not so good (jagged letters) but printing is FAST (no pause between pages)

    Did you encounter this?

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